Monday, January 27, 2014

Ferris Wheel Weekend

In honor of The Grammys last night I'm going to sum up my weekend in one song lyric. A little Brad Paisley..

"Like the Ferris Wheel goes around and around
Well the trouble with up is there's always a down.."

My weekend started with my 1st birthday celebration!

And it ended with about 15 hours of vomiting.
Good times, I tell ya. That flu had me like..
I even had to call off work yesterday and I missed my first home IU Men's Basketball game in 6 years. It was the weirdest thing to realize that and it depressed me just a little bit. Watching them on TV is so not the same.

Goals for the day?
1. Make it through the day.
2. Successfully eat a piece of toast.
Lofty goals, people.

Monday Conversation Starters
  • Why are The Grammys 3.5 hours long? Related: Why do they save the one dang thing I want to watch for the very end?
  • Who else turns into a P.I. slash internet stalker trying to figure out who T. Swift's songs are about? I don't even like Swifty, but I HAVE TO KNOW.
  • Why was I so into the Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamar collab? I LOVED IT. Side Note: I just typed "Kendrink" and almost didn't change it.
  • I've over Lorde. Yea, I said it
  • Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. The End. "It's human rights for everybody, there is no difference."


  1. DUDEEE I am so over Lorde. SO OVER HER. I don't feel bad for you singing songs about being poor or whatever when you're BFFs with TaySwift and performing at the Grammys. Sorry, I don't feel bad.

  2. Yikes! I hope you feel better soon!

  3. After watching Taylor Swift, my husband was like "I don't even care about Taylor Swift, but I want to know who that song was about!" If you figure it out, let me know :)

    Looks like a fantastic birthday celebration. Hope you feel better!

  4. Hope you feel better soon! I am over Lorde too. Never apologize for liking Amagine Dragons so good!!

  5. EFF THE FLU! Also, you know my thoughts on Taylor. Sure she is a good influence to young kids. I mean she hasn't went all psycho like Justin Bieber and Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan, but that's it. I'm really over every song being about an ex or some kind of relationship. And she just annoys me. Period.

  6. I hope you are feeling better!
    Speaking of TSwizzle, was I the only person annoyed at her front row dance-antics when there was like nobody else around her dancing (except her sidekick)? It's like she wants people to give her attention. And Lorde....yes what the heck kind of face/acceptance speech was that?!

  7. get better! and make tswifty get the flu forever so i never had to see her pretend to not notice the cameras on her while she is 'dancing'

  8. Feel better soon!

  9. Your bedside table is depressing! Kick this yukky bug!


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