Friday, January 24, 2014

Bringing Back The Pits & The Peaks

It have been FOR.EV.ER. since I've done one of these bad boys! In fact, the last one I did was on March 1st last year. So like I said, it's been a hot minute.
It's been so long that this little link up is co-hosted by someone NEW now!
Allie is still around, being awesome and shit and now Jen has joined her!
Probably you already know these girls because I've mentioned them both on this here blog multiple, multiple times.
So, let's get started..

  • I had a brownie and a piece of cheese for dinner on Monday. Not diet approved.
  • Winter. Just.. everything.
  • IUBB lost and my main man Will Sheehey had to sit out from an ankle injury. This season is going to put me in the hospital for high blood pressure, I'm sure of it.
  • I hit the snooze button approximately 45 times this morning. I'm just barely, JUST BARELY exaggerating. 
  • I still haven't made my neighbor the cookies I promised him as a thank you for cleaning the snow off of my car every single morning. Gentleman of the Year. 
  • I went to breakfast on Monday with 1 friend who lives in St. Louis and was in town for the long weekend and 1 friend who I haven't seen in probably 9 months. She's getting married this Spring (destination wedding in Jamaica) and we talked wedding plans and she showed me her dress and invited me to her Bridal Shower and Reception when they get back home. Then she told me really nice things about our friendship and myself and I cried over my eggs. 
  • My new favorite baby boy! Shooter! AHHHHH, he's perfection.
  • Texting my dad during the entire IUBB game. Texting my aunt during Supernatural. Texting my sister during Chicago PD on Wed and The Vampire Diaries last night. When I have to watch things alone, I like having someone I can text during the whole thing. Especially when the texts back and forth make me laugh and laugh and laugh.
  • Speaking of TVD.. The episode last night. One of the best in a long, long time! Right up until the last 2 minutes.. I haven't decided if it ruined the episode or if it's going to be a good plot point. But right now I don't care because #Klaroline
  • All of the amazing comments and emails I got from yesterday's post! Seriously YOU GUYS.. I was really worried about putting myself out there and writing any of that and so many of you said you could relate and that it's what you needed to hear and UGH.. I was a pile of mush all night last night! I've been working on returning the private emails last night and this morning and I'll respond to the comments later this morning too! I promise. You guys.. I love ya!
  • That tonight begins my BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS! So excited!!! 

Oh and to wrap it all up, how about I give some things away with these pretty ladies?

Now don't you say I never gave you anything.


  1. Monday night's dinner may not be diet approved, but it's Allie approved. Also, please give me shooter. KTHANKSBYE

  2. I had cookies for dinner last night. You are not alone hahaa

  3. I love texting with someone while watching my favorite shows! I need to catch up on Chicago P.D. since I just binge watched the first season and the aired episodes of season two of chicago fire. I'm just not used to Sophia Bush as a police officer since she was such a different character on One Tree Hill!

  4. I'm not judging the brownie and cheesecake bc I had a Snickers bar for breakfast.

  5. eat the damn brownie you deserve it, you've been working your ass off. and i am so far behind on VD but that kiss makes me so happy. Tyler was the worst.

  6. I just might steal Shooter, what a cutie!! I really need to start watching Vampire Diaries! Now i want a brownie for dinner!

  7. Such a cute puppy! Happy Birthday! Enjoy your celebrations!

  8. Monday night's dinner sounds pretty well balanced to me.

  9. Awww, Shooter is so cute. I agree, that was the best TVD episode in a long while. I am hoping the last part will lead them somewhere more interesting. It totally wins all the things for #Klaroline.

  10. Now I need to go watch The Vampire Diaries. Immediately.


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