Wednesday, January 29, 2014

24 on my 24th.

This is my 200th blog post.

The best advice I've ever been given was "cope and adjust".
Ironically, I guess, I actually have very little respect for the woman who told me this.

I'm going to run a 5k this year. Period.

On my first day of high school I got up early, got ready, then watched Cool Runnings and ate Fruit Loops before I got on the bus. I don't think I'll ever forget that and I have no idea why.

I read this article on Sunday and now I'm completely paranoid when I'm sitting at the office.

My ultimate goal in life is to know a little about a lot. Just enough to make me dangerous.

I think birthdays are the most important day of the year for everyone. I'm a big supporter of birthdays. When someone passes away, what day do you take the time to remember them and their life? Their birthday. One whole day all about you. However, I care way more about everyone else's birthday than my own. Today is just another day for me.

My actions when no one is watching are the most important ones.

Today is also Oprah's birthday. I wanted nothing more than to be on the Oprah show on my 18th birthday. Spoiler Alert: That didn't happen.

This year I want to throw the word "busy" out of my vocabulary. Everyone is "busy", I'm not special. I want to make time for the people and things and activities that I want to have and do in my life.

I know that no one believes me, but these next 365 days are going to be magically huge.

I want to do something that takes a lot of bravery this year. I'm not very brave. I want to work on that.

I had one bad experience involving an oil change when I was 18 (bad as in it totaled my car). Now? I'm obsessive to the point of being incredibly annoying about my oil changes. My grandpa is so proud. No, seriously.

One thing I'm going to drill into my future daugther's/niece's head? Friends with benefits never actually leads to an actual boyfriend. Man, I wish I'd been taught that sooner.

This year I'm going to stop apologizing for being weird. Ya know what? I am weird. Ya know what else? Any time I say that someone always fires back "Oh my gosh, me too! I'm so weird!" So there you have it, we're all a bunch of weirdos. Time to wear it proudly.

Turns out thinking of 24 things to write down when I really want to do about a thousand other things is incredibly hard. I take comfort in knowing that most of you will just skim this list and probably won't even notice this one.

A Square peg that is the same size as a round hole is never going to fit. Ah, but a square peg that is slightly smaller than a round hole? Now you've got something..

In 4th grade we made these super elaborate science projects and I won Most Creative because mine looked the best. This is probably my greatest accomplishment and I don't want to brag, but I'm kind of known as the Poster Queen, because my shit always looks awesome. Again, not trying to brag... Except that I am. So.. just saying.

I'm glad to kiss 23 goodbye. 

When in doubt, be the nice person. 

My parents are not always wrong, but they're not always right either. They're human, not superheros. How strange to discover.

I before E except after C is the worst grammar rule I ever learned in Elementary school and I refuse to let my future kids learn it.

I listened to the Frozen soundtrack at the gym this morning. I may be turning 24, but I still pretend like I'm 5.

I do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.


  1. Love your list. Happy Birthday!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love this list!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! This should not be "just another day to you" because like you said, it's a day all about you! So celebrate like you mean it! and remember, calories don't count.

  4. Happy birthday!!! And I totally read them all, even 16 :P

  5. Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy your day! And I totally read all 24 of those. I'm weird too, so it's cool :)

  6. Happy birthday!!!
    Great list! 23 going on 24 over here and I'm obsessed with Frozen. You're not alone.

  7. Hapy Birthday!! I did catch #16! It is okay to be weird! Wave that freak flag, girl! Also, #20 always be nice, is my motto so I love it! Hope this year is an amazing one!

  8. happy Birthdayyyyy!!!! xo

    also "just enough to make me dangerous" loove it.

  9. happy, happy, happy birthday lady! birthday are the best days

  10. How could I resist? I'm YOUR mother, after all.

    TWO - the person who "actually" started that phrase was your 3rd grade teacher, Rhonda Hackler - person to love, admire, and respect. Are you surprised that the person you remember hearing it from actually lifted it from someone else?
    SIX - you're already there. But, there's so much to know a little about that you never run out of material.
    SEVEN - I was going to make you a bunny cake for your birthday, but realized you might not want to have that sitting around and tempting you out of your healthy lifestyle. So, of course, I made kahlua brownies instead. WAY less temptation.
    12. You are far braver than you give yourself credit for being. I've always known that.
    13. I really should have insisted that you become a mechanic. Like...for real.
    14. You were taught that - over and over. But, like most people - the lesson is learned more fully with experience. Friends with benefits? I don't even want to know.
    15. Weird? Duh!!
    17. Is it just me that thinks this is some kind of metaphor for sex? Ok...guess so.
    18. Hands down - you ARE the poster queen. And your little brother appreciates it, even if he doesn't say so. (His parents appreciate it EVEN MORE.)
    TWENTY-ONE - What a ridiculous statement. Of COURSE, I'm a superhero - and I have the costume to prove it.
    Twenty-four-and-one-half - The brownies have no calories at all. So, just enjoy them.

  11. Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a fabulous day and enjoy 24 :)

  12. Happy Birthday! I love #3, and I believe in your #11, read #16, and could not agree more for #24. I hope this is the best year of your life!

  13. What a thoughtful and amazing list. Happy Birthday and keep on living #8 - love IT !

  14. Happy Birthday and congrats on being reaching 200 today too! Love the list. I am working on being more brave this year and saying yes more often.

  15. Happy Birthday girl! And Happy Birthday to Oprah ha

  16. Happy birthday!!! Hope this is your best year yet :)

  17. first, happy happy birthday! I hope you had a fantastic day!! second, I love #15!! Embrace the weirdness! It's classic. Everyone loves a little weird! And after all, who decided what normal is?

  18. I'm taking part in the Hippie Run this Saturday, you should check to see if they're coming to an area near you! 5ks have been getting so much more fun lately and this one only costs 20 dollars to register! (I paid close to 60 for the Color Run!)

  19. Happy birthday!!! Um no judgement because the Frozen soundtrack is amazing -you go girl!

  20. LOVE # 10! You're so right. We use being "busy" as an excuse but we aren't any more important than anyone else.

  21. I love this list!! Happy birthday pretty lady! And I'm nearing 25 and JUST discovered how magical that main song from Frozen is. I'm more embarassed that it took me this long than that I like it:)

  22. Congrats on 20 posts and running a 5K you got this guuurrrllll!!!


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