Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Fitness Pal

So about oh, I don't know.. 2 months ago I downloaded an app called "MyFitnessPal". Of course after I downloaded it, I never did a thing with it. So today I randomly decided to give it a try and just make today my "test" day before I committed to it.

Okay guys, I really believed I knew in my head how many calories I ate a day. I really, really thought I was very conscious of it. Well, apparently not.

I'm going to have to work out for 3 hours tonight just so I can eat dinner! I am truly shocked. I had no idea. But you better believe that I'm going to be a dedicated MyFitnessPal user from here on out.

So if anyone else uses MyFitnessPal, then feel free to add me as a friend or whatever it's called.. kaystoll129

And just because I'm an over-sharer, I want ya'll (yes i broke out that southern ya'll) to know that I not only got a ton accomplished at work today, and watched last night's episode of NCIS online, and organized my About Kay page, AND decided what my next DIY project is going to be, but I also wrote a pretend plot twist for a pretend book that I could pretend to write one day. Woo! Laziness? Ain't nobody got time for that!

And tonight, Step 8,954 7 on my current DIY project. (not to mention that 3 hour work out so i can have dinner)


  1. Thank for your sweet comment on my blog!!! I found you. Let's change our futures together! :)

  2. Hey! I love MFP and used it to lose 25 lbs last year. Unfortunately I stopped using it and...well...let's just say I have them all to lose over again! I totally agree that it is an indispensable tool. Keep up the good work!


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