Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Falling off the Horse..

Well.. I wrote last week about how well I had been doing and how excited I was about that.. and then..

Oops. I didn't do 1 single day of Jillian Michaels all weekend. Now it's Tuesday and guess what, I still haven't done it. I also won't be doing it tonight because I work a 19 hour day today (shouldn't that be illegal? #2jobsprobs)

I had started to type out all of the reasons I haven't worked out since Thursday, but they all just sounded like excuses. That's when I realized.. They are excuses and I'm done with excuses. I will always be able to find excuses for why I "can't" work out, but I need to start finding reasons for why I can. Period. Exclamation Point.

Marilyn showing me how it's done

So one of my dgrm girls (who will now be called by nicknames The Dirty, BS, and Aquamarine) has this boyfriend, who loves to work out. Like seriously, he's in love. He's in love with The Wor(C)k. All of the pictures he puts on Instagram, he tags with #wor(c)k. So it started as The Dirty and I making fun of him, constantly tweeting or texting each other "#wor(c)k" and saying it constantly. Well now it's kind of become a dgrm thing. And we sort of say it a lot. It's my little motivation.

If you scroll to my very first post you'll the dgrm. In case you're lazy (like me), I'll post a refresher..

Skinny. My best friends are skinny. None of them weight more than a buck twenty. And then there's me.

This isn't to put myself down, this is my motivation. I have hot friends, I know this. I'll get there one day. They support me like no other. We are constantly snapchatting each other pictures of our food or workouts with the caption "wor(c)k".

So from here on out no more excuses. Just wor(c)k.

And here are so happy things from my week to round out this random ass post.


  1. I find myself making excuses when I don't feel like exercising, which really is most of the time. For me I think of rewards. Like if I work out 5 days this week I can download a new song or buy x

    1. Good tip! I thought about giving myself small rewards along the way so that when I'm not seeing progress I still have something to look forward to!


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