Monday, January 28, 2013

Twice as Nice Spice.. shelf

So I wanted to share with you guys really quickly my 5 minute organizing project this weekend. You read that right.. FIVE MINUTES.

Also, try to prepare yourselves for these unedited iPhone photos. This is real life people and in real life its tax season and I work at a CPA office and I don't have time to edit photos. It's okay to feel sorry for me.

Here's what I was living with before..

I know, hot mess. Oh, and try to ignore the 1970's shelf paper that I don't think I'm allowed to change. I've put a call in to my landlord, but I wouldn't hold out hope if I were you. I'm sure that it's here to stay.

So I was officially sick of sorting through that mess constantly. So I started by clearing everything out..

Yes, those are mushrooms on the shelf paper to match the jar of mushrooms on the side. Renting an apartment is tough sometimes.

I cleared it out and wiped down the shelf. Then I went to Bed Bath & Beyond and purchased this baby. It was originally $5.99, but I had a 20% off coupon making it $4.79. Hooray! (hey, i'm a poor college kid. every little cent adds up.)

So I tossed that little guy up there and then added my spices back and it looked like this..

So much better, right? For a 5 minutes organization project, I was pretty pumped about it. Now I just need to tackle the rest of my cabinets.. sigh..

Here's the official side by side.

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