Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Resolutions

It's here, it's here!! Time for my New Years Resolutions! Let's start with #1.. GET HEALTHY! After asking for lots and lots of opinions, I decided to start small-ish. The way I see it, I need to just do anything. If I had decided to just do 15 jumping jacks a day, that's better than not doing the 15 jumping jacks. So instead of getting myself into a huge workout plan and getting in over my head and then hating it and then quitting.. I'm going to start with something manageable. I really wanna train my brain to LOVE exercise. I wonder if that's possible? I'm hoping it is. So I choose to start with.. (drum roll please..)

Jillian Michaels: 30 Day Shred
I have heard a lot of good things about it and I was really drawn to the feature of being able to modify it and just do what I could do. No pressure to kill myself and end up hating it. So last night, I was really excited to start and I completed Day 1.

And.. I didn't love it. But I don't love working out, so I expected that. I don't have weights, so I used soup cans. Which worked fine for me. I'm sore today, which I kind of love. I also discovered that it was harder than I expected. I had to take more than one break. Which at first disappointed me, but then I thought about how by Day 8 I'd probably be able to finish all of the Level 1 workout and move on to Level 2. So I pushed on. Overall, it was okay. I figure it's only 30 days. I can do this for 30 days and then if I really hate it, then I can move on to something else. Anything is better than nothing. (this may be my motto)

Afterwards, I looked like this.. 
 I was tired. But really, really proud of myself. So then I sent my friends this picture to let them know I'd officially started my Get Healthy resolution. I got lots of excited texts back! (have i mentioned lately how much i love my friends)

Here's to 2013 being a fabulous year! 

xo Kay

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