Thursday, January 31, 2013

Stage 5 Clinger

So a little bit of new news for everyone!

I have a new Twitter.. @MissKayStoll

You should all stalk me and follow me! Shameless advertising!

I also have a new Instagram.. @kaystoll129

Here's the deal-eo.. I do have a separate personal Twitter and Instagram. But my pretend life blog life and my real life probably need to be kept separate for now. Not because I'm a different person on my blog. Not at all, actually. But I tag my friends and family on my personal Twitter and Instagram and just because I'm all about having my personal life out there for the world to see, doesn't mean they are. So, this all lead me to creating a new Twitter and a new Instagram. 

A lot of things will end up getting posted on both twitters and both instagrams. So for those that follow my personal accounts, #sorrynotsorry. And for those that will follow my new accounts, you won't be missing anything good. Trust me.

I also have a Pinterest! I know it looks like I haven't pinned a lot, but that's because my old Pinterest got deleted somehow. I know, I was outraged. So this is actually a new one that I had to create out of necessity. For all of those Pinterest lovers out there, imagine for a second that all of your pins disappeared and your login-in account vanished into thin air. My heart was broken. There was definitely a tear or two.

So follow me, stalk me, tweet me, like my instagrams, etc. etc. etc. Ps. I love, love, love my 15 followers! I stalk you guys (stage 5 clinger alert), so keep posting!


  1. I do the same thing. Also my email address is different. I have one set up specifically for my blog

  2. I'm following you on instagram now....find me! KTG82


  3. So, this all lead instagram followers without following me to creating a new Twitter and a new Instagram.


I love you people! Let's be friends.

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