Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Birthday Ramblings and DietBet

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE birthdays? Because I really do. Honestly, not just my own birthday, I love everyone's birthdays! It's your one special day of the year. I want to always love them and enjoy them. Even when I hit the dreaded 30 and then the dreaded 40 and 50 and etc. I want to always remember that it's a privilege to grow older. So I plan on enjoying every single birthday that I make it to.

And hopefully I'll get to enjoy them all with a nice glass of wine (or two).. Because I'm a sucker for a good bottle of wine. Sue me.

And last night after dinner I did this.. 

RELAXED! With my new socks that I'm sure were meant for a kindergartener, but I love them to keep my feet warm!

And I received this.. 

An autographed copy of Young House Love's book! I squealed. Seriously, I did. I even made the duck face for an Instagram photo with the book. You know it's love when you do that. If you don't know who John and Sherry are, then you need to hop on over to their blog and check them out. *Warning, you'll be on their site for hours!

So back on track now. I didn't plug ONE THING into my My Fitness Pal yesterday, oops. It was my birthday, give a girl a break.

And I split my birthday cupcake with Aquamarine, so I did try. It was red velvet, so it was really difficult and everything. I had such an internal battle going on about it.
I also weighed myself yesterday morning, however. I'm down 4lbs since I've started this little fitness journey and it's only gonna get better from there for 2 reasons..

Tonight, I'm going to my first exercise class to the gym I joined yesterday. I'm excited and just a freaking shitload wee bit nervous. But I'm mostly excited. I'll of course let my 12 followers know how that goes. And my precious friends and family that read this, hi kids. 

This awesomely motivational blogger Courtney has decided to host a DietBet. Basically you bet money (for this dietbet its a $35 buy in) and then follow their rules on how to get your starting weight. You then have 28 days to lose 4% of that weight. Then you follow their rules again and give them your ending weight. Whoever met their 4% goal gets to split the pot! 
Apparently she's done this in the past and there was over $7,000 in the pot and everyone who made their goal got $52. Money is a motivator. Especially for me. And I'm competitive as hell, I can admit it. So I think this is such a good idea! I signed up today! It starts Monday, February 4th.

Check out her blog and seriously, sign up for this! The absolute worst that can happen is that you lose $35. Or if everyone makes the 4% goal, then everyone will get their $35 back. So I don't want to tell you what to do, but.. do it, do it, do it.

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