Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fleas and Trees

So now that's it's Monday Tuesday (how did monday come and go so quickly?) let's do a little weekend recap! #longpostwarning

So I don't know if everyone has heard of these things called Flea Markets, but I'm in love infatuated obsessed attached fond of them. The thing I love about them is also the thing I hate about them.. You have to be willing to look at and dig through a ton of junk that people took from the farthest corner of their basement just to find one thing worthwhile.

Flea Markets are not for everyone. Most of the time you have to be willing to look at something and see it more for what it could be and not what it currently is. So I spent my Friday night at a Flea Market. I know, I know, things are getting wild and crazy up in here. I ended up coming home with about $30 worth of stuff. Which is good, since I came home with several bags of junk treasures! #bargainshopper I'm not going to actually show you what I bought, because when I re-do them, spruce them up, paint them, etc. I want that to be a surprise. But here are some gems that I did find and did not come home with..

I turned the corner to find these staring at me.. you'd be surprised (or not) to know how dang many of these there were..

The Hoosier in me fell in love with this lamp, just not the price tag..

a ton of those "in memory" stone benches and plaques.. sort of creepy.
For those who read Young House Love's blog, remember the ceramic head they had above their bed? These mini heads reminded me of that. Spray paint them white and they're be exactly the same!

This guy really almost came home with me. A good coat of white spray paint and he would have been identical to the owl jars that are out on the market right now! But for $30, I couldn't pull the trigger.

Try to tell me this doll isn't creepy..

Let's get a little closer..

I think I might have had nightmares about her.

On Saturday, after working all morning on some painting projects at my grandparents house, my grandpa insisted that we needed to attempt to get a broken limb out of one of his trees. In his defense, it's a large limb that has broken off and gotten stuck on another limb. One strong wind is gonna knock it out and potentially onto his house. So I just want to go on record saying that I totally understand where he is coming from. However, I don't know how he thought we were going to get that limb down. Here's some pics to show you how hilarious this whole thing was..

The arrow is pointing towards the broken limb.. big sucker

the first contraption we worked up to get it down.

my grandpa supervising my dad trying to throw a rope onto the tree limb

got it!

the arrow is showing the broken limb and the circle is showing the pieces of limb that have already fallen
Well kids, let's just say that the limb is still up in the tree. Total epic fail on our part. And my dad hurt his hand trying to protect his face from a flying wrench.

Then my grandma made us this for lunch.

Carbs on carbs on carbs! Ugh. So that pretty much started the downfall of my weekend as far as weight loss goes. Back in the saddle today though!

I hope everyone else had a good weekend! Good luck this week everyone on whatever it is you need luck for! Who else likes Flea Markets? How about carbs? Who likes carbs? #firstonetoraisemyhand

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  1. Oh the thoughts of old men!!! I love it!!! Totally something that my Grandpa would have done!!! However, there is nothing better than homemade food by Grandma!!! Can't wait to see your gems from the flea market!


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