Hey, I'm Kay. 

The Basics:
I'm 24.
I live in Btown, Indiana.
I'm a Hoosier, born and raised.

I spend most days working in a CPA Office (taxes and boring accounting stuff).
BUT I also work for Indiana University Athletics many night and many, many weekends throughout the year.


I watch too much TV and I read too many books.
I'm trying really hard to like running.
Zac Efron is my main man.
I'm a firm believer that laughter might not solve the problems of the world, but it can make the ride a heck of a lot better.

Click here for a brief explanation (and fabulous diagrams) on my confusing and awesome family.

More "About Me" Posts
The Story of a Straightener - Lots of old pictures involved in this post!


  1. Are those photos of you from snapchat? Please tell me that they are. I think I use snapchat more than texting!

    1. YES! I use SnapChat all day every day! I have a serious addiction!

  2. Are you me?? Seriously! I was reading this and I felt like you stole the words from my mouth.
    I am also insanely excited that I found another blogger in Indiana!! I thought I was the only one.
    I am super glad I found your blog and I can wait to read and get to know you more!!

  3. You are the funniest! I did the same with with my blog, I read them for so long & then was like HEY LETS DO IT. Its great to see how passionate you are about your team too. I love it.

  4. I feel like we have to be blog friends because I am dating a Hooiser fanatic !!!

  5. You are too cute! My favorite part? "I think "twenty something" is a hard age. I'm caught between the choices I think I'm supposed to be making and the choices I want to make." AMEN!

  6. I found your blog through Kate at Another Clean Slate and I love it :)

  7. Well hi fellow Hoosier; so glad I found your blog! I'm from South Bend, though now living in frigid North Dakota. Looking forward to following you!

  8. Just found you via Allie and I'm hating that I hadn't sooner! Looking forward to keeping up with you here! :)

  9. Ok, #1: you are like my new favorite person ever. Don't be surprised when I use your blog posts for my own blog post inspiration. #2: you are GORGEOUS. #3: I love the revamped About Me page. It's pretty much awesome.

  10. Okay yes. We are going to be friends. You like peanut butter, I like peanut butter, you like the snooze button, I like the snooze button, you like HP, I like HP, and lastly - the most important you like wine, and I like wine. #bff4life

  11. Just stumbled by your blog by accident but so glad I did.. Love it!! Will definitely be following and look forward to reading more from you!


I love you people! Let's be friends.

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