Friday, June 28, 2013

NBA draft 2013 {Fan Friday}

It's Friday, which means on planet Venus, it's Fan Friday!

Venus Trapped in Mars

Originally for Fan Friday I was just going to link up using my post yesterday about sports movies.


The 2013 NBA draft was last night and now I have new material.

 photo nbadraft1_zps88e40d5f.jpg

This is also the point of the blog post where I point out that I am, in fact, a girl. I like make-up, a lot. I watch Pretty Little Liars and Grey's Anatomy. There's enough pink in my apartment to make my brother want to puke. Just clarifying that for everyone.

Now, I love college basketball. I love it, I find it way, way more interesting than the NBA. I truly feel like the type of play is just better because those guys are playing with their heart and not with a paycheck in mind.


Last night, 2 Hoosiers were drafted in the Top 5. Actually the Top 4.

 photo nbadraft2_zpsc6a2ea68.jpg
Victor Oladipo was the #2 draft pick, going to the Orlando Magic.

 photo nbadraft4_zps7ea433e4.jpg
Cody Zeller was the #4 draft pick, going to the Charlotte Bobcats.

I've never, ever even watched the NBA draft before. I watched exactly 5 NBA games this year. They were the last 5 NBA games of the year. And I only watched them because first I was a little forced and then a little curious and then I was just hoping the Heat would lose so I could annoy my brother.

I'm not an NBA fan.

And yet, I'm excited to see my Hoosiers play next year. Excited to watch them play outside of their Hoosier uniform. And I can't believe I'm saying that.

 photo nbadraft3_zps25281a7e.jpg

So what's the point of this Fan Friday post? There isn't one. Except to remind everyone that I love IU and to let ya'll know that I'm probably going to watch more than 5 NBA games next year.

 photo IMG_1362_zps40fdcffe.jpg

Oh and I know you all probably already stalk Venus as much as I do, but just in case you don't, please go do that now. You can thank me later.
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  1. I completely understand where you are coming from! When UK won the tournament all my men got drafted I watched a lot more NBA that year! The picture of you is adorable by the way :)

    xo. Kailagh

  2. Cody Zellar looks so ridiculous and adorable at the same time in that hat!!

    I'm with you, I am way more of an NCAA girl. I actually enjoy watching plays being run and fundamentals.

  3. found you through the link-up, and I completely agree! college hoops are way more entertaining than the NBA.

  4. I'm with you- I don't really care about the NBA but love college basketball. SO.MUCH.BETTER.

  5. How exciting?!?! I was excited right along with you last night for you. I knew you had too much excitement for one person to handle. ;)

  6. I'm not a basketball fan but I totally agree with you about college sports... love love love them! College baseball and college football are my faves!

  7. IU is on our list of Big 10 schools to visit! My husband has been to all but IU and Iowa, so we need to hit them up when they are playing Penn State!

  8. Wait stop. I don't really like the NBA, but I might be going to a Charlotte game to stare creepily at Zeller as he sits on the bench for 95% of his games.


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