Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How to Kill Time At Work - Guest Post by Adriana

I have a SURPRISE for everyone today! I'm a little star struck actually, because one of my daily reads is here on The Best of Intentions to guest post. Adriana from Dog Hair is An Accessory. SHUT UP.

For those who don't know her - you need to.
For those who do know her - It's okay, I'm in love with her too. 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

HEY GUYS! I'm super excited to be guest posting for Kay today! I'm Adriana and I blog over at Dog Hair Is An Accessory. Over there I'm a mess with my boyfriend Tom and our dog Lil but you should come visit and laugh at how embarrassing I am.

So I just got back from a weekend long bachelorette party (which I'm still recovering from) and since the wedding is in 3 weeks I have a lot of wedding on the brain. That means I won't be able to focus until the wedding is over. I am a bridesmaid so it's not like I'm just creepily obsessing over a wedding. even tho I would totally do that. So because I can't focus at work I'm being SUPER unproductive. So I present you with...

1. Blog.

Reading and writing blog posts is by far my fav way to pass time. In fact, I'm writing this at work RIGHT NOW. When you hear someone coming just switch to your work program/site and you're set! Also I like to type my posts using Outlook email so that if I don't minimize it in time, it toally looks like I'm typing out something important.

2. Pinterest.

This is an obvious one. I think we've all had those "I'll just go on pinterest to find (insert any recipie or DIY project here)" and then we end up scolling and repinning for hours. Once I spent the better part of an 8 hour day reorganizing my boards. It had to be done and what better time to do it!
3. Troll Twitter, Instagram, and Vine.

Duh. If you aren't on twitter you're doing it wrong. I hated twitter at first but now it's my fav! Plus if you blog twitter is a greatttt way to connect with other bloggers. Vine is just hilarious, you will want headphones for that one. Instagram is super entertaining and since I follow like a gazillion people, everytime I refresh there is some new pictrue of what someone had for lunch.

4. Add emojis to all your contacts.

BEST APP EVER. Also I have already done this. I have a different one for every contact. Here are my favs

Sasa is Sara from Sara In Texas. Laura is Tom's sister, fellow shoe lover and bride to be and since Siri has to know me, I'm there with my crown, because I'm a princess.

5. Make a billion lists.

You can make a list for anything and everything. What you have left to work on, what you will be doing tonight, what you will be doing this weekend, what you need from the grocery store, blog topics, reasons you hate love your job, etc.

6. Catch up on personal emails.

Not that I'm overrun with comments but comment emails build up quick! On top of the replies to comments you've left. Plus I feel I've been using email a lot lately to keep in touch with out of the area friends so I end up having about a zillion a day. Also I have to check out all the pormotional email ones!

7. Plan a vacation you can't afford.

I like to start on Southwest and start making plans. Sometimes we're going to Europe so I have to check out Travelzoo and see if they have any deals. Then I make an absolutely pointless list of things to pack. Then I think about what activities Lil would be interested in. Also I go on OpenTable and try and find restaurants in the area that sound yummy and would be within our travel budget that doesn't exist.

8. Online shopping.

my favs are DSW, Kate Spade, all the member sites (to sign up and start wasting time go to Gilt, Rue La La, HauteLook, One Kings Lane, Groupon, Living Social)

9. Eat.

No brainer here. I suggest Pretzel M&Ms, Handi Snaks, Dunkaroos, doughnuts, Chinese food.

10. Do assigned work (as a last resort)

We all know it sucks but it is an option to use up the time in the day until the day is over. Plus your boss may be impressed if you do this one.

So there you have it. My favorite ways to kill time while at work. I hop you enjoyed them. Come visit my blog, follow me on twitter, instagram, pinterest and facebook and spend some of that time getting to know me!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Now try to tell me you don't love her. You do, I knew it. Go check her bloggy blog out! I particularly loved this post about telling your Real Life Friends about your blog!

And while you're at it, you better be following me on the twitter and the instagram so you can stalk my vacation!
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  1. Haha I always draft posts in my work E-mail too! We are so devious!


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