Monday, October 13, 2014

Nightmares On Oak Street

I wasn't going to blog about this today, because no one but myself is going to find amusement in it, but I'm so amused by it that I just have to. I have to.

Also I've been awake since 3:30am this morning, so that factors in. Guys, listen, I'm currently in a battle with myself, that I'm going to win, but it's going to take a few weeks of rough times. I'm battling my poor sleeping habits and my addiction to my snooze button at the same time. Which, admittedly, isn't my brightest idea. Ever since I wrote this post about not sleeping well, I've been working on this. Last week I was sick, so it kind of threw me off my game, but I'm back at it this week. It blows, but I'm pretty confident that it'll be worse before it gets better and then it'll be great. Or that's what I'm telling myself over and over again, especially this morning.

So today I'm gonna tell you about the 2 dreams I had yesterday, because they amuse me. They were less like dreams and more like nightmares, since they both woke me up.

First, yesterday morning I had a dream that I was sitting on my couch and I had decided to watch all of my DVR'd shows that I missed last week, which happened to be a lot of shows because of the sickness. So I clicked on my DVR and nothing. All of my shows had been deleted. My DVR is 35% full at the moment, so that's a lot of stuff that had been deleted that I wasn't ready to have deleted. And I was SO UPSET. In my dream I remember freaking out and trying to figure out where the shows went because I knew I didn't delete them and then I remember trying to figure out who could've deleted them. I forget a few things that happened at this point in my dream, but I basically went all CSI on it, and then I figured out, because apparently I had installed a security camera in my living room (????) that someone dressed all in black with black gloves and a black ski mask had broken in into my apartment while I was asleep on the couch, took the remote out of my hands, deleted my DVR, and left. Then I woke up, but I remember being way, WAY more upset that the intruder had deleted my DVR than the fact that he was an intruder. It was a lingering feeling, because even after I was awake I still felt upset.

**UPDATE: I wasn't going to add this part, because it just shows how truly ridiculous I am, however, you guys are my friends and you won't judge me too hard, right? Fuck it, feel free to judge. After I woke up, I went into my living room to check my DVR - just to make sure it wasn't real… **

That whole dream makes me LOL now.

Second, I took a nap yesterday. My quick 1 hour nap turned into a 3 hour nap by accident, because of course it did. I had a dream while I was napping that I was in some big house and for some reason I was helping someone take stuff up and down some stairs, but at the top of the stairs to get into the room you had to walk through like a curtain of that pink insulation. Do you know what I mean? Visual Aid:

Well it was like a really long, thick curtain of it, and you had to walk through it to get to the other side. Well in my dream I had walked through it several times, but this one last time I was walking through it and I tripped and fell down. But I feel into the curtain of insulation and it fell down with me. I got tangled up in it and couldn't get out and I started to suffocate and… Then I woke up. Panting. I woke up and my heart was pounding and I couldn't breathe and man, oh man!

So now I'm amused because I had two nightmares and I woke up really upset from both of them and yet they were totally different.

Someone who studies dreams should explain them to me.
Ready, go!


  1. I'm dying about the intruder/DVR situation. Hahaha.

  2. Last week I had 2 nightmares and the entire week kept sitting up in bed at random o'clock as well. weird! I blame American Horror Stories for mine.

  3. every time i have dreams that leave me feeling and wondering, i always go to those dream interpretation sites. they're always on point!

  4. I am laughing so hard at the DVR nightmare!!! Hilarious!!! Thanks for making me laugh. I feel bad that you are having trouble sleeping, I get so cranky when I do not sleep...I hope you can find a good solution for your sleep deprivation.

  5. bahaha loved that you went to go check to make sure they weren't deleted! the horror!

  6. Oh my gosh, that is a nightmare! I wouldn't want someone coming in & deleting my shows, I would have a fit! It would not be good especially if it happened to be The Walking Dead, I'd go all Rick/Daryl on someone! Ha!

    Mandie ~

  7. LOL dreams like that are the best! Especially when you see random people in them that you haven't talked to in a million years. (not that that's what happened in YOUR dreams, but you know…just going along the lines of fun dreams to have, haha)

  8. Whoops…and now I realized that your comments have to be approved so I actually posted twice. Feel free to delete the extra comments. :p


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