Thursday, October 30, 2014


Most of my blog post ideas come to me when I'm at the gym in the mornings. Mostly because I put all of my brain power into thinking about anything other than my workout because I just hate it so much. No, I still don't like working out. No, it isn't fun. All those damn healthy-living, weight-loss, workout bloggers are liars. Don't believe them.

Whoa, tangent.

So this morning while I was trying to pretend I was having a great time, even though my arms felt like they might fall off, I started thinking about the mundane. Bloggers don't talk about it, but it's one of the things I'm curious about the most. We're so busy trying to make our lives "blog-worthy" that we leave out some of the mundane details, and damnit, I love those mundane details. I'm overly curious about a bloggers LIFE, as in how they actually live and those little things they do.

Here's some of my mundane this week.

>>---> Speaking of "mundane", I love that word. If you've been reading this blog for a while then you know I have a "thing" for interesting, uncommon words. I heart them so much.

>>---> Sunday I took the hose attachment to my vacuum cleaner and cleaned all of my vent covers.

>>---> Sunday I spent a couple of hours editing a friend's paper for her persuasive writing class because I always tend to be everyone's go-to to edit papers. My mom was my go-to, so I guess everyone has to have one.

>>---> Sunday night I watched the movie Drumline on vh1. Okay guys, I know, Drumline is kind of terrible and Nick Cannon is.. really terrible, but I LOVE THAT MOVIE SO MUCH. I did remember however that watching a movie on TV is the most annoying thing. They stretch the last 30 minutes of the movie into an hour+ and it is so frustrating.

>>---> Monday night vh1 premiered the new sequel to Drumline - Drumline: A New Beat. In the most geeky way possible, I was pumped. BUT I didn't want to annoyingly sit through all of the commercials again, so I got smart and decided to DVR it so I could watch it another time and fast forward through the commercials. I outsmarted you vh1, and damnit, it feels good.

>>---> Monday night I also made a chicken and rice bake from a recipe my grandma gave me that never turns out as good as when she makes it. She doesn't add veggies, but I added a shit ton of broccoli, because I'm really into trying to add veggies everywhere now and eat them constantly. Small changes and all.

>>---> Tuesday I went to get a coffee at 2:30 in the afternoon because I thought I was going to fall asleep at my desk. Caffeine is the name of the game these days.

>>---> Tuesday night I got a little overwhelmed with the number of shows on my DVR that need to be watched, so I decided to watch a few shows live so that I didn't back up my DVR any more. I went with NCIS (8pm), Supernatural (9pm), then Chicago Fire (10pm). Of course, I still had 3 other shows that recorded while I was watching those, so my DVR still feels full. Sigh.

>>---> Wednesday I spent the entire day at work by myself, so I blasted my Spotify Christmas music playlist as loudly as possible. It. Was. Awesome.

>>---> Wednesday night I volunteered to work an IU volleyball game for "pink night" for Breast Cancer Awareness. The IU pep band played Talk Dirty To Me and Rebeeca Black's Friday. Which would have been even more hilarious had it been Friday, but it was Wednesday, so everyone (under the age of 25) just looked confused. Actually, everyone over 25 looked confused too, because.. obviously. But I liked it and I was amused.

>>---> Oh yea, and because I worked on Wednesday night, my Wednesday night shows? Didn't get to watch any of them. First of all, my TV watching and the number of shows I watch is beyond pathetic. It truly is. Feel free to talk shit about me. Second, my DVR is SO FULL. I have no idea when I'm going to get caught up.


  1. Looooove this! I am so interested in what a person's life is actually like. I don't care about your perfect Halloween party or the amazing bridal shower you threw for your best friend! Please tell me how you spend your lazy Sundays! lol I'm stealing this, cool?

  2. Nooooo! Not christmas music yet! ITS NOT EVEN NOVEMBER! Lol (my mom is probably right there it's you blasting her Christmas playlists, too!) I agree with the mundane things, though- I hate how some bloggers make it seem like their lives are nothing but glamorous. Laaaame. Gimme mundane life in all it's wonderful gritty details. :) xox GiedrÄ—

  3. I can't talk shit about you because my DVR is always ALWAYS filling up because I like TV

  4. I have such guilty movies like Drumline - I think my #1 is "You Got Served"

  5. I love this. Thanks for sharing! You are so right...bloggers are always trying to show their "Blog-worthy" or "seemingly-perfect" lives. I wanna hear the funny stuff. The boring stuff. the everyday stuff that makes you you. The Mundane stuff!!!


  6. This was such a funny post! It was interesting to read about the mundane things...also mundane is a great word!


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