Monday, October 6, 2014

This Weekend Was A Cluster F..

This weekend was such a cluster F.

It was so ridiculous that I was in tears last night face timing a friend while discussing Friday-Sunday. Tears of laughter that is.

Friday night some friends and I went out to a bar to see this band that always comes to town. See, we live in a college town, so we always have a lot of different kinds of bands and musicians and DJs and things coming through town. Well this band wears tight, tight shirts and the shortest shorts they can find and they always have a stuffed tiger and bear on stage with them. They sing the most random and ridiculous songs including Under The Sea, Build Me Up Buttercup, and old cartoon theme songs. They have this whole thing where they say it's time to "hydrate" and you raise you drink and they play the Super Mario Brothers' song and you chug the whole time it's being played.
during the "hydrate" song
Anyway, they are a fan favorite. It's always packed when they're playing because it's always guaranteed to be a good time. These guys are good-looking, 20-somethings that don't take themselves too seriously, they're absolutely hilarious, and they get absolutely hammered right along with you.

just happened to find this picture on the band's Facebook. we're in the circle, hah! 
Sometimes a packed bar isn't that fun though and Friday night it was not fun. We almost had a situation where one of my friends was about to dump her drink on the girl in front of us. I don't think she'd actually ever do that, but I also didn't want to take any chances. So we left and went somewhere else.

At the next bar we ran into another friend's boyfriend, where he ended up telling us that they were "taking a break". He assumed we knew, but we had no idea, so we were totally blindsided by that little piece of information. I was playing DD, and my friend that rode with me and I decided that was our cue to go home for the night.

Saturday didn't get much better.
First, my power went out sometime in the middle of the night. This caused 2 things to happen. My phone died, because it wasn't on a charger, and my alarm clock didn't go off. I ended up being only 10ish minutes late to work the IU football game, but I had to get ready in the dark, quickly. I wasn't looking my best is what I'm trying to say. Also it was freezing at the game and I was shaking most of the day from the cold.

Oh, but then things just got so much better. During the IU football game I had to fill out my first ever incident report because someone under my watch sliced her hand and needed stitches. I had to call the EMT's and get the paper work and sanitize everything she touched and it was just a disaster.

Sunday, you ask?
I think it was a combination of being outside in the cold weather and wind for 9 hours on Saturday and my allergies that have decided to kick my ass this year, but I woke up not being able to breathe on Sunday morning. I honestly had a lot I needed to get done yesterday, but most of it just didn't happen. I went to my dad's house to pick up the Sunday paper ads (that he never uses and always let's me have for the coupons), I went to the store for a few essentials (24 eggs for $3, so if you need me i'll be eating eggs for every meal the next week. oh and grapes for 99 cents, holla!), and then to CVS for some MucinexDM.

Speaking of Mucinex, I swear by this stuff. I tell everyone to get it, all the time.

Then I tried to come home and be productive. I think I managed do the dishes and half-ass clean my bathroom, but that's about it. I can not breathe! I'm a total mouth breather right now and I was miserable. I spent the rest of the day yesterday taking a nap, trying to sleep some of this sickness off, and watching beauty videos on YouTube. Fun Fact about me: I watch a lot of makeup and hair tutorials on YouTube. It's an addiction.

If you need me today I'll just be sitting here at working, blowing my nose.
Happy Monday, folks!


  1. I'm getting too old for bars. I don't enjoy them. But my friends bachelorette is coming up and I have to suck it up and go and I'm absolutely dreading it. Also, yay for cheap groceries. i'm eating tuna on crackers this week with a side of peaches since that's the cheapest crap i could find haha

  2. I have to be in a very specific mood (Read: drunk) to enjoy being out at a bar. Hope you feel better!

  3. I think maybe I'm too old for packed bars. I like to be able to dance + not bump into anyone. I'm constantly searching for the right dive bars on game days...

  4. mucinex is my favorite drug ever. it is a miracle worker and lets me breathe half of the year. sorry your weekend wasn't the best- sending wishes for a better week!

  5. "Time to hydrate" - I like that. Stealing! lol. I also like those short shorts ha!
    Big whoops for Big Ten football!

  6. You ladies are just the cutest. That band sounds amazing! I wish they would come to 'Sconnie! :)

    Mandie ~

  7. That band. Awesome. Just awesome. Feel better soon!


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