Thursday, October 9, 2014

Commercial Break

I have quite a few weird quirks and one of them is my love for commercials.

It's the weirdest thing and I have no idea where it came from, but I love commercials. I can even quote a large, large number of them. This quirk of mine drives my sister crazy. Probably because I send her links to commercials all the time and I'm always texting her like "did you see the commercial where.. " and I'm usually laughing hysterically. A commercial doesn't have to be funny for me to thinks it's funny.

So this morning as I resist the urge to send my sister these links to these commercials, I'm going to just share them here with you. Maybe you'll love my quirk a lot more than she does. The brat.

This commercial kills me. Killssssss meeeeeeee. "Let's hide behind the chainsaws!" I love horror movies, but I love to make fun of horror movies even more. Ya know?

I've seen this commercial about a billion times this week. So picture me saying "that's the stupidest thing I ever heard" just like the little boy does at the beginning. Picture me saying it over and over and over.. OH! And when the kid says "oui oui", HAHAHAH. It's not even that funny, but oh man.. tears of laughter.

This commercial.. Oh man. I saved the best for last. I actually texted my sister about this commercial earlier this week because I can't with this commercial. Not to be all #basicwhitegirl, but I can't even. First of all, the way he pets the frog with his pinky, LOL. Then when he pauses and says "I think we're on the same page.", LMAO. But when he makes the kiss noises to the frog? ROFL. I die.

Now I'm sitting here crying laughing at these commercials for no reason.
Okay, stick a fork in me, I'm done.
I'm a little sorry I made you guys read this, but also.. I'm not. Because ROFLMAO.


  1. I LOVE COMMERCIALS! My favorite one right now is the Go-gurt commercial with the kid and his dad and they start doing the robot "snack time and lunch snack time and lunch." Roland gets so annoyed when I start singing with them....

  2. I never watch them! Between TiVo and Netflix it just doesn't happen! So those conversations that start "Have you seen the commercial..." Nope.

  3. I love your quirks - they show me all the vines and commercials I wouldn't otherwise see!

  4. LOL I'm smiling…not because of the commercials, but because YOU are too funny! I totally leave the room for bathroom/ice cream/go get a comfy pillow breaks when commercials come on. :p

  5. oh I'm the same way! I will actually rewind the tv to watch that Johnny Jamboogie commercial....

  6. So, I just wrote a comment magically deleted it (I think), but I love commercials. We cancelled cable a few years back and I still really miss commercials! Especially when someone says, "have you seen that one?" and I have to say, "no I don't have cable." I don't know if it was just a Canadian thing, but did you have the commercial with the older ladies posting on their "wall" and "unfriending" each other. I think it was for insurance? My parents loved it and sent it to me, it was cute!
    Sorry for this extra long comment! Happy Weekend :)

  7. My favorite commercial is the Geico one when Ickey Woods is getting some cold cuts, literally every time it is on I quote the whole thing with him and start laughing, pretty sure Bryan thinks I'm crazy.

  8. I still crack up at the Frog one. The end kills me with the missy noises.

  9. ACK! The One More Day commercial is shear genius. I, too, find myself saying it out loud because that little girl was so perfectly cast.


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