Monday, October 20, 2014

Let's Not Talk About It

Let's not talk about how I only blogged on Monday last week.

Let's not talk about how I didn't really feel like blogging today.

Let's talk about how I've had something on my mind, so I already wrote tomorrow's blog post.

Let's talk about how that means you'll for sure get at least 2 this week.

Let's not talk about how I just sneezed so hard my back cracked.

Let's not talk about how I spent an embarrassing amount of time looking at ABC Family's 25 Days Of Christmas schedule and making my own color coded schedule for myself.

Let's talk about how I took zero pictures this weekend, except for Friday morning at my grandparent's house.

Let's talk about how Mike (Jonathan Banks) from Breaking Bad was at IU this weekend and my stepdad hung out with him during the entire football game and now they're besties.

..Actually, let's not talk about that.

Let's talk about how I personally know the photographer who took this picture of Jonathan Banks while he was at IU this weekend. I've known him since I was a tiny child and I house-sit/dog-sit for them when they go on vacation.

Let's not talk about how the most exciting thing in my life is what my stepdad did over the weekend.

Let's not talk about how I worked all weekend with a whole group of newbies, which meant I heard "Kristen, I need you" or "Kristen, can you help me" or "Kristen, how do I do this" or "Kristen, can you fix this" or just "KRISTEN!" every 30 seconds for 2 long work days in a row.

Let's talk about how I'm honestly not exaggerating.

Let's not talk about how exhausting that is.

Let's talk about how stupid it is that you have about a 6 hour window to eat an avocado when it's between not ripe and too ripe.

Let's not talk about how many avocados get thrown away at my apartment because I constantly miss the 6 hour window.

Let's talk about how I just took a selfie to procrastinate finishing this blog post.



  1. let's talk about how that selfie was necessary because you look super cute. I fight the same struggle with bananas. it's like they're good for three days once you leave the grocery store, so if you want bananas for breakfast you have to go to the grocery store at least twice a week + no one has time for that business.

  2. Girrrrrrrrrrrrl, let's talk about that eyeshadow. No seriously let's do it because that smokey eye is on point and I kind of need to know what shadows were used!

  3. No I want to hear more about the Christmas television schedule. Because that's my favorite thing to scope out.

  4. Ha! This is cute. Also, are we all on the struggle bus right now? Life just feels harder than usual this Monday...

  5. Um, you are just beautiful. Also, I've stopped buying avocados because I'm so sick of them going bad and throwing away four a week.

  6. You speak the absolute truth about avocados. So frustrating, yet so delicious.

  7. the struggle is real with avocados. And the fact that I can never remember how to spell avocado. I want to put way too many A's in there. true story. CUTE selfie btw. I really am loving your hair. I got into it with an outside logistics source at work today. want to talk about that? :D

  8. I think it's best that your back cracked when you sneezed. I feel like the other option would have been pee a little.

  9. I want to hear about the Christmas scheduling!!! I love it! Ha! And that selfie at the end is too cute! :)

  10. Let's talk about how the Christmas movie marathon on the Hallmark Channel starts Oct 31st. Let's not talk about how freaking excited I am about that and how unexcited my husband is.

  11. You're amazing. I love your humor. Let's talk about how I love that you are into ABC Family's 25 days of Christmas!


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