Friday, October 10, 2014

Benefits Matter - Aflac Open Enrollment

In the last 6 months I've mentioned a few times on the blog, okay I've mentioned several times, that I'll be turning 25 in January. I'm a little freaked. I'm also a little stressed. There's a lot that comes with this whole "getting older and growing up" thing. In the last year or two I've learned more real-life things that matter than ever before.

As you know I work in a CPA office, so every day I'm working on and surrounding myself with clients and taxes and accounting and a lot of other boring "adult" things. Because of this, in the last few years I have seen more and more people who are just completely unprepared for the unknown. Completely unprepared and in the dark about things that matter, such as health insurance and basic financial planning. More often than not, it's heartbreaking to watch.

Here's the thing about the unknown - you don't know anything about it. Scary, right?
Accidents happen.
Layoffs happen.
Sickness happens.
Natural disasters happen.
Emergencies happen.

They happen every day and I've seen them happen to clients and people I care about. The big difference-maker in all of the situations I've witnessed has been The Plan.

The Plan is having something set in place to protect yourself and your family in case something does happen. Because no one ever plans for a huge Emergency Room bill, but they happen! And they can be expensive! Don't let yourself become stuck in a finical situation that you have trouble getting out of, especially where there is help available to you!

Do you have the money right now to pay for an Emergency Room visit? Unfortunately, not many do, especially as Millennials. Most are One Emergency Away From Financial Disaster and the statistics are staggering. Fortunately, Aflac can help. Aflac has accident, dental, life, vision, cancer, hospital intensive car, and MORE insurance policies available to you. They're here to help. Aflac could be The Plan you have to fall back on when one of those bad life things happens.

I know financial planning isn't always fun, but I also know that having a health care plan in place could one day make all of the difference. Health care can be affordable AND still protect you. If you're already covered under health insurance, make sure you're aware of what exactly you are covered for. Those things matter! You have benefit choices, take advantage of them!

For tons and tons more information you can visit Aflac's website, Facebook page, or Twitter.
To also view some eye-opening statistics you have access to Aflac's 2014 Workforces Report. I spent over an hour looking through things and was blown away. Seriously. Millennials like myself need to read up on Open Enrollment so you can ask the right questions and get the right coverage.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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