Monday, February 25, 2013

What's "the weekend"?

Today, on this beautiful Monday morning, let's play a game!

It's a fun game I play far too often. It's called "What's 'the weekend'?" It's fun. Basically it's where you try to figure out when work on Friday stops. Because my weekend was missing. I had no weekend.

We had a little.. mishap, you could say, at the office. I spent 3 weeks working on a client and finally finished them. Well somewhere between my laptop, the thumb drive, and my boss' computer, the file went missing. Poof. Gone.

We tried everything we could think of to try to find my 3 weeks of work. We still have no idea what happened. So a lot of my weekend was spent re-doing that work. It looked like this..

Now that sounds super depressing, and trust me, it was. I did escape to go see Safe Haven on Friday night.

LOVED IT! I make fun of Nicholas Sparks all the time, if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you've probably seen this. For instance, the cover art for all of his books turned movies annoys me.. Guy and girl in an embrace, almost kissing, hands on face.

BUT, I seen all of those movies. AND own all of those books, plus more. So, yes I make fun of him, but also yes, I love most of his books (hated Best Of Me). Even though someone always dies and usually it's someone you don't want to die. So frustrating.

I also printed this picture out and put it on my fridge.

Hello Inspiration.

So Miss Julianna will be in my thoughts this week as I force myself to run and do Jillian Michaels. Now that I've reread that sentence, it sort of sounds creepy and sexual.. but I've decided not to change it. I'm probably shaming my grandparents, but you guys have my back, right? Right. Let's go with that.

Oh and of course, please go check out Sami's blog!

And make sure you read her blog on Friday's too. She does this Twitter recap thing now that I LOVE! I think I need to go to Twitter anonymous or something.

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  1. UGH bummer about your work going missing! I would throw a fit haha. I want to see Safe Haven! I love her but isn't it so weird that she's dating Ryan Seacrest?! That always throws me off. Thanks so much for linking up and giving me a little shoutout :) You're so sweet!

  2. I want to see that movie so bad! I am glad its good =)


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