Thursday, February 21, 2013

Victory! {NSVs and a Hoosier win}

I missed this link-up last Thursday because I was spending my Valentine's Day with the love of my life dentist. Insert sad face and a bottle of wine.

So I did not want to miss this link-up today! Because #1, I think this is an awesome way to remind yourself that there's more to you than your weight and #2, because I'm nosey and I like clicking around to read everyone else's NSVs.

Without further ado.. My girls KTJ and Lex..


My Non-Scale Victories for the week are.. weak.
  1. I haven't skipped breakfast once this week. Which is huge for me because in the past I would constantly skip breakfast and then be starving by lunch.
  2. I created a meal-plan for the next 2 weeks that involves eating more often, but smaller meals. 
  3. I start my C25K this weekend. Cold or not, I'm starting. Wish me some major luck, because I'm going to need it.

 Since those are lame, I'll leave you with some #iubb lovelyness! They kicked some booty against Michigan State on Tuesday night. Hoosier pride!

And snap chats with my girl after the #iubb game!


  1. Hey girl I am stopping by from the link-up! You are a total trooper for starting c25k when it's cold! I am going to start, but am not ballsy enough to start right now!! Making a meal plan always works wonders for me as well! Great job lady!!

  2. Having a meal plan really helps me a lot. Congrats on making yours and for the next two weeks! My husband is a big fan of college basketball. It looks like y'all had fun watching the game!

  3. New reader from the link up...and good luck with the C25K program. I have downloaded it on my phone, but have yet to actually use it!

    -Sarah @

  4. Great NSVs! Personally, I struggle with breakfast as I meal so I think it is very impressive and a great accomplishment to have eaten your breakfast this week and tracked good meals! Awesome! Thanks for linking up :)

  5. Great NSV's! Good luck with the meal plan and the C25K!

  6. Hey Kay,
    Found your blog through the link up!
    I love it so much! You have quite the adorable blog.
    Gi xx


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