Friday, February 8, 2013

Under Construction

Please be patient with me today as I try to edit my blog page..

I'm a girl and as a girl I have the right to change my mind frequently and for no reason. And I've decided that I don't like the look of my blog page, so I'm going to change it. By myself.

Basically I'm saying I'm a DIY-er at heart and so I plan on DIYing my blog page rather than pay to have someone design one for me (definitely not hating on you if you did this, more power to you, and you're probably way smarter than i am). I don't know a darn thing about html code, however. But Google is a beautiful thing. So I'm slowly researching how to edit my blog on my own.

This is time consuming. I have to fit it in where I can. It just so happens that today at work, I have the time to tinker with it. So instead of spending time writing a super wonderful and exciting blog post, I'm going to edit my blog page.

Which means if you're reading this and the background is fluorescent orange or the font is itsy bitsy, teeny tiny, then something has gone wrong and I'm attempting to fix it.

Love you all so much and I'll be back with your regularly scheduled programming blogging tomorrow.

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