Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Monday already? I will never understand why someone decided that 5/7 days should be for working. They were crazy. I also don't understand why I never relax on weekends. I'm always busy doing something. I just need a full day to lay in bed and not move.

Anyway, I've mentioned these next 2 blogs a couple times in passing, but I felt like I needed to give them a big shout out because they are 2 blogs that I read daily. I mean, even if I'm crammed for time and I can't read through all of the blogs I follow, I have about 5 that I always make sure I read and these 2 make the cut.

Whitney from I Wore Yoga Pants and Sami from Sami's Shenanigans.

Seriously, go read them. I laugh so much. Hilariousness. And then I get creeped out when I think they're writing about me because I can totally relate to their posts. It's weird. If blogs were like Twitter, I would think they were subtweeting me. And they like wine and honestly, who doesn't like wine?

So in the spirit of my new blog love, I'm linking up with Sami today! Holla at cho girl.

My weekend..
  1. I Snap Chat, a lot. This is one of many.
  2. I went into Barnes & Noble to waste time and ended up walking out with 5 books..
  3. I worked and watched the IU vs. PU game on Saturday! IU killed Purdue. I was a happy girl. And my main man Will Sheehey broke a school record, I'm just saying..
  4. I cleaned my apt and decided to purge shit things I wasn't using or didn't need. I ended up with these 5 full bags of trash. Ridiculous. Happy Weekend.
  5. To reward myself for #4, I gave myself a little mani. Pink and gold. Gold is currently my new obsession.
  6. I laid in bed last night watching Harry Potter on my cute, ghetto TV. And I wasn't sad about it.

And because my friends are going to be pissed and whiny about this and I think that's funny.. Here are some of the Snap Chat gems I received this weekend. I love these people.

Also this happened..

I know, I know. Not part of the diet. But I was having a girl moment and if it makes you feel better, I barely ate any of the ice cream. The wine however.. It's gone.

I hope everyone else had a good weekend! Feel free to bitch to me about it! I love a good vent session. And to all of my #operationredbikini girls.. I hope your weekend food choices were better than my wine and ice cream.


  1. I absolutely LOVE snap chat and I love that you can screen shot people!

  2. after looking at that botle of wine i need a drink! hahaha
    btw, stop by my blog...i just started a giveaway!

  3. Oh girl! You are too sweet! I appreciate your sweet words and I'm glad I keep you laughing :) I love all of the snapchats and Sea Salt Caramel Talenti is the! Thanks for linking up too! xoxox

  4. now all I wanna do is eat those goodies. Thanks a lot!

  5. Holy awesome shout out! Thanks a ton, girly!!

    Also, wine and gelato is my actual idea of heaven on earth!

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