Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Snip-its..

First of all, Good Morning, friends! Wait, its after noon you say? Yes, Kay it's actually almost 1 o'clock. Well shit. Good Afternoon then.

Without getting into how crazy my morning has been, let's just say "it's been crazy" and leave it at that. It doesn't help that I turned into some weird freak who wanted to work out last night. So I randomly popped Jillian into my dvd player and did a 30 day shred workout. Why? I have no idea. That's never happened before, ever. Needless to say in typical Jillian fashion, I'm sore today.

So instead of the post I had planned for this morning, I'm just going to post random snip-its of my weekend.

1. A client brought these chocolates for me. So I tasted each one, then threw them away. NSV for the week! (i didn't eat the bottom one, it just fell on the floor into a mess of shredded papers)
2. Had a hardcore jam session to my old school Nelly Pandora radio station. I felt like I was 14 again.
3. Found a puzzle I bought 4 year ago, so I started putting it together.
4. Food Network Magazine wrote an issue just for me. (aka the cheese issue. i love cheese, seriously.)
5. I went to Walmart for a new trash can and came home with all of these on sale candles.. Dangit.
6. Friday I went to Wine and Canvas (my friends call it "drink and paint") and I painted this. Go Hoosiers!
7. My man Nick Sparks needs a new book cover designer. On the real.
8. I made gluten-free, no-fat cornbread muffins. Good shit.
9. Watching my Hoosier. #iubb

So those were some little clips of my weekend.

I was also nominated (twice) for a Liebster Award. I had to research what the heck that was, but now that I know, I'm so happy and excited! Tomorrow I'll be posting about that! Thanks so much, loves! 

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