Monday, February 2, 2015

You Choose My Next Mug Purchase!

So, the Super Bowl XLIX happened. Who watched? Who was sad about the winner? Who was happy? Who would have run the ball instead of throwing it? Everyone, except Pete Carroll and his gum. Who loved the commercials? Who didn't? What were your favorites? Which ones made you say "wtf" the most? Obviously the answer to the last one is the Nationwide commercial - "Cause I died." What in the hell? How about that halftime show? Katy or Missy?

If you want to see my thoughts from Super Bowl XLIX last night and you missed them, you can view them on my Twitter here. I tweeted.. A lot. There were some really good ones too, here's a small sample:

This morning though? I'm tired. As I was making coffee this morning in my Christmas Grinch mug, I decided I needed new coffee mugs. So I quickly began searching for some and I've gathered some options. Now I need YOU to help me choose!

Harry Potter, so obviously I'm in love, but with that floral? YAAASSSS. I literally did a double take when I saw this one.

Beyonce quote + gold. I mean, duh.

It's my favorite curse word. I'm not sorry. I only wish it wasn't orange, but I didn't do a lot of in-depth research to see if I could get it in another color. That'd be key.

This is one of my favorite HP quotes! Also, major words to live by, am I right?!

LOOK AT THIS MUG. That's hand painted. That's a hand painted mosaic owl on a glass mug. And did I mention that it's hand painted?

I just think this is so cute! I love that the letters are all filled in with a print or something and the crown and obviously, it's the truth.

I love the quote a ton, but I really love the font and the gold lips on this particular one. Love.

Ugh, I love them all.
I want them all.
So help me choose! And if you insist that I need 2 or 3 or 4 of them, well then, who am I to argue?

Why did the walrus go to the tupperware party?
He was looking for a tight seal. 



  1. I thought Katy's performance was great! She pretty much always knows how to put on a great show! As far as commercials, I think the Coke one was my fav! :) but with the mugs, definitely both HP mugs because they're HP..duhh ;) and the queen of everything one!

  2. My vote is number 3 because I too, love that word.
    I also like number 6 and number 7. I feel like those two complement each other well.

  3. Um. I want all of these mugs. But I gotta vote for numero uno. Not only is it HP-themed, but it's classy HP. That's hard to find.

  4. I think they are all good, but I am loving #3 and #5. But I also like #7. Great choices!!

  5. Either Muggles, the owl, or the smart assy one. I love them.


    also. I think you need them all. specifically don't let the muggles get you down + that owl + the deathly hallows. I don't know how you're going to decide.

  7. Ahhh I love them all! The HP ones are great but I'm absolutely obsessed with that glass mosaic owl. I <3 owls. And glass mugs. Hell, I think I'm gonna get myself one because OMG.

  8. I am the worst person to ask about mugs. I want them all! BUT if I had to choose (and that person would promptly get a look from me because why can't I have them all?) I would say the first one because it's Harry Potter but uniquely pretty and the owl one because oh my goodness that is gorgeous.

  9. Number 2, 3 or 7. Love those!! I think I might get #7 for myself lol

  10. I like #1 but that owl one is really different & I like that too.

    Mandie ~

  11. #5 is the best. Although I'd get #1 and #4 too, coz Harry Potter

  12. The muggle cup needs to be purchased! Like, immediately. haha. I didn't watch the super bowl... I was getting back to reality that day (if you didn't miss me the entire month of Jan- don't feel bad) hahaha. so i can't really comment on the performances or the game, so I'll just sit back and admire all the mugs.


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