Friday, February 13, 2015

The Flash || TV Friday

This is the 3rd time I've started this post. The first time I sounded way too peppy, like I was trying too hard to be excited and happy. I tried a second time and I sounded like someone had "pissed in my cheerios" as my grandma would say. I'm off my game. But I'm working on it.

Let's talk TV.

So, The Flash.
I'm super caught up on this show, because Grant Gustin.
I don't feel the need to elaborate on that sentence.

Honestly this is one show where I feel like the casting is just so, so freaking good. There's actually only one character I'm not a huge fan (iris) of and I'm not 100% sure it's the actress' fault. I'm almost a little heartbroken that Robbie Amell's storyline has ended. Or I think it has? I don't read the comics, so I don't know for sure.

Speaking of, that's one of the things about this show that kind of annoys me. I haven't ever read the comics, actually I've never read any comic ever, and from what I've heard the show is following the comics pretty closely. So for those who have read the comics, they expect things to continue this way AND they already know everything that is going to happen. My beef with following the comics too closely is that sometimes the actors or the side story lines can evolve and there's the potential to take things in a new direction. If the writers and the directors on The Flash are too concerned with sticking to the comics then they could miss out on something better. Then the show could tank. Which would upset me.

I'm mentioning this because of this Barry/Snow thing. Look, the first time I ever talked about The Flash on this blog I said I totally was a shipper of Barry/Snow. My mom has gotten to hear it from me a lot more than you have, so yea, I'd love for it to be a thing. A couple reasons -
1. The on-screen chemistry between Grant Gustin and Danielle Panabaker is fabulous. I love scenes with the two of them! TELL ME YOU DIDN'T LOVE THE DRUNK CAITLIN SCENES!
2. I don't like Iris. I'm not even a little sorry about it. Maybe she's great in the comics, but guess what? She's not great on the show. I haven't liked her since episode 1.
3. I think it'd be a really fun slow-build kind of relationship!

I know the comic book lovers vehemently disagree with me, which is fine, because I also don't mind having a solid male/female friendship on a show like this. In fact, that's really nice too. I just hope that following the comics doesn't necessarily become the end all, be all.

Quick Notes
-- Cisco and Joe teaming together is my favorite.
-- Cisco getting more of a storyline, also my favorite.
-- I said from the first episode that the blur looked red and yellow, so I said "I bet Barry as The Flash was there." and now look.. Gosh I'm so good at this TV watching thing.
-- I can not 100% figure out Wells and I love it.
-- I have super sketchy feelings about the new girl Barry is dating. I don't trust her.
-- So annoyed with how Iris got this random job at the paper. Apparently it's because she works for the paper in the comics, but her randomly getting that job was the stupidest thing ever. And explained very poorly. Also I might be extra annoyed just because I don't like Iris.
-- I like Eddie again now that he's all #TeamFlash.
-- How about my use of "vehemently" though?! In my Senior year of high school in my Advanced Composition class I used the sentence "…and he concurs, vehemently." and my teacher read it to the class and said "Now THAT, class, is an excellent use of a thesaurus, because the sentence 'he really agrees' doesn't have quite the same punch, does it?" and I got an A.

Any other Flash fans out there? How do we feel about the comic book thing? Also, do you ship Barry and Caitlin?


  1. I didnt read your post bc i miss some episodes so maybe you spoiled me hahaha
    anyway, I love the Flash too ♥

  2. I actually have never watched but I might now.


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