Monday, February 23, 2015

Prequel To The Big News

I'll have you know that a very large part of me didn't want to write today's post.
Because I'm going to be that girl.

I typically find it unnecessary when a blogger tells me they are going to be taking a break, just take the break! I also typically find it unnecessary when a blogger tells me they have news they're going to be announcing in X number of days, just wait until that day and announce the news!

So I'm currently doing something that I typically find unnecessary.
I'm that girl.

If you haven't figure it out already, today's post has 2 jobs.

Job #1:
To tell you that I have some news to share with you, hopefully next Monday. That's the plan anyway. It's big and very exciting news to me and I'm hoping that you also find it exciting? I wasn't going to tease you with it at all, I swear. I had planned all along to just announce it when it could be announced and then throw confetti in the air and pour myself a celebratory martini! However, I'm teasing you and telling you now because…

Job #2:
Because of the big news, this is going to be the only post on The Best Of Intentions this week. There's no hidden reason for this. It is strictly because I really needed to prioritize my time and I felt that my time needed to be spent on "the big news", because it is currently a very time consuming project. I've been working on it for quite a long time now, and brainstorming it months before that. I had been pretty quietly working on it behind the scenes, but now I need to throw myself into it 100%.

So in the meantime you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram. That way you'll be able to keep up with me and you'll be the first to know about the big news.

I hope you guys don't mind the break, although I don't think you will because you guys are the best. And I really hope you come back next Monday for my big news. I'm "8-year-old-the-night-before-their-first-time-at-disney-world" excited about this!

Xx love you guys!
See you on Monday!


  1. Ok you definitely have my intrigued! I'll be over here anxiously awaiting the big news!

  2. I think sometimes it's necessary to say "Hey I'll be gone for a while, don't worry about me!" that way people aren't constantly asking you "WHAT'S UP? ARE YOU OKAY?"

  3. MAN. now we're all on the edge of our seats. way to go. also I'm assuming congratulations are in order!

  4. So excited for you! Can't wait to hear the big news. :)

  5. So my text telling me the big news before it happens must have gotten lost in outer space? I NEED TO KNOW.

  6. I am quite literally in the same boat as you. Big project. Announced next Monday. Gotta dedicate all the time. Really excited. Want to tell everyone. Don't want to be that girl.
    Don't you worry about a thing! I'm super excited for the reveal :)

  7. Next Monday?! So far away. I'll be waiting...

    Mandie ~

  8. Im intrigued and cant wait to hear it!


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