Monday, November 17, 2014

November Update

Whoa hey.. Is this thing on?

I've been pretty checked out of Blogland this month and when I have stopped by, it's been just for a hot minute. So today I'm just gonna give you a little November update on my life.

:: Here's the thing about working in athletics - November sucks. November is the transition month. By that I mean that the fall sports aren't over yet, like football, soccer, and volleyball, but the winter sports have officially begun, such as basketball, swimming, and wrestling. This month I personally work football, men's soccer, volleyball, men's basketball, women's basketball, and a few stand-alone athletic events. This month alone I have 8 men's basketball games and 7 women's basketball games - and those are just the basketball events! It's just a lot. So I'm tired. This is also my excuse for not being around Blogland.

:: Today is also my oldest brother's birthday. Shout out and Happy Birthday to Michael! (family tree saga and explanation found here, there are diagrams)

Michael is the one choking his wife.. Christmas 2012. We're so normal.

:: So as most of you know, when I'm not running around playing athletic supervisor, I work in a CPA office. Well guess what, we're moving! December 1st we will be beginning the process of moving into a new, much needed (holy shit I can't even tell you how much needed) office building. So I mean, if I didn't have enough going on this holiday season, we decided to pack up an entire office and move it. We so smart.

:: When I'm not working, and in between my DVR watching, I've been watching YouTube makeup tutorials. Or makeup hauls. Or makeup reviews. etc. etc. It's turned into an obsession. Just so many beauty videos in general. The good news is that I've been learning so much and you know, if you're a long time reader, my goal in life is to know a little about a lot, just enough to make me dangerous. Boom.
PS. If you need some YouTube beauty blogger recommendations I suggest starting with Laura Vitale, Jaclyn Hill, Nicole Guerriero, or Casey Holmes. But really there are a ton of really good ones out there, so actually if you know of someone, send them to me!

:: I have a thing with smells. Actually, I just decided this entire bullet point could be a blog post, so look for that this week. Here's the quick version - I have a candle addiction and I would rather buy candles over just about anything else. Well currently I have a Buy 2, Get 2 FREE from Yankee Candle coupon in my email inbox and I'm trying really hard to ignore it…. *insert wide-eyed emoji here*

:: OH, Kate, who is one hilarious no-reply blogger, (yea, I'm calling you out, Kate) wrote a comment on my post about my marathon cooking day recently where I talked about how I screwed up my vegetable soup and I didn't know what I was going to do about it.

Well, to update everyone and to make a long story short, I had to throw it away. I tried putting a few whole potatoes in it to soak up some of the salt and them removing those potatoes, didn't work. So then I tried scooping out a ton of the juice and adding new fresh juice, still didn't work. When I say I royally screwed up this soup, I'm being serious. So in the trash it went. Whomp Whomp.

:: This happened yesterday. Running a few errands, came across an RV. I laughed and was all "OMG Breaking Bad, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman are in town, LOL, SO FUNNY, let me get a picture!" and then I took a picture.. And then zoomed in..

Because.. obviously.

That's all for this morning, folks! I have a huge list of things I need to accomplish today and no surprise here, but I have to work a men's basketball game tonight! Hopefully you'll see me again this week, because I have at least 2 post ideas in my head currently, so here's hoping they actually happen.


  1. 1. That RV of Terror is going to give me nightmares.
    2. Nicole and Casey are two of my FAVORITES. I also love Essie Button, Megan....something? I can't think of her last name right now. Oh I think she goes by Megan Rosette? I used to watch the Fowler sisters but then they got annoying but maybe you'd like them. Also Tonya Burr and Candy... dammit. Candy something. I tried...

  2. he is the one choking his wife in the photo. laughed out loud. also go IUBB... or something. hear the team is a big struggle running over each other with vehicles and what not ?

  3. Hi, I'm hilarious Kate who had no idea she was a no-reply blogger. I think I've fixed the issue, which is more than I can say for your poor soup. Sorry it was unsalvageable. I'm also sorry I looked so closely at that RV picture. I'll be scrolling through your old posts tonight when I can't sleep ;)

  4. creepy mccreeperson on that rv- I would like to hope its a poster and not an actual person? And I really need to get on some of these youtube tutorials for hair and make-up. Going to check a few of them out!

  5. Ah! That RV will haunt me for dayyyyys!

  6. Love that family Christmas photo- haha! We try to take a funny group shot every year too... last year there was a flying baby and my Grandpa gave me bunny ears. One of my fave holiday pictures ever ;) I feel your pain on working.... November is actually my low-key month this year, but I can relate. Hang in there!!!

  7. First of all, creepy RV. I would be running as fast as I could away from that thing! Eeek!

    Secondly, I love that family picture. So much fun. :)

    Mandie ~

  8. Yikes on the RV! I watch so many beauty videos, I'm way too obsessed I really like Casey too and I love ciaobellaxo

  9. Best family picture ever!! Don't go crazy with all you have going on! Remember to take some time to recharge yourself too.


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