Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My favorite Blogs!

I had a very specific request to elaborate on my description of "blog lover". I have 6 blogs that I read religiously and they are the reasons I fell in love with the idea of blogging. Some of them are similar and some of them are way out in left field, but I'm in love with them and the sweet women who write them!

  1. John and Sherry from Young House Love! If you are in any way into DIY, then you need to check this couple out! They are dorkably adorable. Yes, dorkably, it's a word. And they just released their new book that I begged asked for for Christmas. 
  2. Mama Laughlin from Mama Laughlin! She shares with you every piece of her life that you'd ever want to know to motivate you to lose weight WITH her. She rocks my socks. No really, she's hilarious, down to earth, and actually shares with you the real-life struggles of losing weight.
  3. Ashley and Greg from 7th House on the Left! This is actually one of my newer loves. Greg's posts just make me laugh. I don't know if it's his delivery or that he's a bit quirky, but I always find myself laughing. Ashley just comes up with some of the best decorating advice and clever, out-of-the-box DIY tips. Like I said, they're my new love and I'm still discovering all of the ways I love them.
  4. Kelle from Enjoying the Small Things! Kelle is the mother of 2 girls. One of them just happens to have down syndrome and Kelle and her family didn't find out until she was born. The delivery story she posted is heartbreaking. But she has found the beauty in all of her struggles and I just enjoy reading her little insights that she posts. And I love hearing about Nella! 
  5. Jenna from Jenna Sue Designs! This girl.. she tackles the most ridiculous DIY projects. I'm taking hard projects that I would need to hire a carpenter for and she makes them just look so darn easy. I'm also mildly obsessed with her Esty page and I have probably 15 things on my wish list from her. 
  6. Jen from iHeart Organizing! Okay, this lady is the one who started it all. I came across her page from Pinterest and absolutely FELL IN LOVE! I am sometimes a bit of a type A personality and I have a tendency to get a little OCD when it comes to where things should go and where they need to be, etc. So her organizing tips  were enough to seal the deal. But then I kept reading and she has AWESOME DIY things on her blog too. *Swoon* I just couldn't contain my excitement. If you only check out one of these, check out her's! 
 Now these are just my top 6. I also browse a few others from time to time. And who's to say I won't soon have a top 10? 20? Pretty soon I'll be sitting a my computer all day reading about other people's lives.. and I'll love every darn second of it! What are some of your favorite Blogs?

Post coming later about my amazing and quick dinner last night!

xo Kay

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